Following Saturday

While I'm starting this post it's 3:02am and I'm soaked after the rain we just had. Sitting here I'm wearing a bathrobe and eating nuts out of a tin... I feel like I should be at a ritzy hotel complaining about the water pressure in the shower, but I guess you can't always live the life you're dressed for.

(After that last paragraph, I stood up and got some water, sat back down and got sucked into watching Point Break for the first time. Someone should have warned me that Patrick Swayze surfs, that the chick from Free Willy is in all ocean related movies, and that Keanu Reeves really is that horrible of an actor.)

A few hours earlier in the night I was on the Old Capitol steps with the big pillars sitting comfortably at my feet. There was the sound of the water cracking apart as it hit the pavement beneath the drainpipes and the steady sound of breaking waves as they're pushed along by the tires of cars going by on the street at the bottom of the hill. Two buildings each sit on the slope with their corners making arrows that point to the two down hill arrows that make the corners of the building on whose steps I sat. On the top of each of those other corners four floodlights shine and the heavy drizzle is forced to look like a fast snow from the foot of those pillars.

A light blinks on the hospital across the river, a light blinks on the stacks at the dam on the river, a bit of lightning blinks like a twinkle in the eye of the everything and now instead of thunder the sound of a trains steam horn pushes through the storm, followed by the heavy metal spinning of it's wheels, followed by a burst of real thunder and a strengthening in the rain.

Up in the floodlights a moth gets beaten down out of sight, just too far away to see tiny collisions that are drowning it. A minute later and another moth goes down. Then a bat goes paddling by after whatever is left and he bops about unmolested. Then a girl falls asleep and it's time to go home.

Get home and warm up. Put on sandals and walk out in the storm with a plastic bottle of Beam. It rains hard at first and there's a house for rent that looks vacant, so I stop in for a look at the unlocked sunroom. Nice big screen windows let the sound but the lack of furniture or anything else makes me uneasy so I head back out onto the street. Nothing else really of note... I think my favorite thing to look at was this T-intersection. The through street was downhill coming from either direction, and the intersecting street moved downhill away from me, so all the water coming from two directions was sort of fanning out from thick streams in the gutters to an alluvial spread over the width of all available asphalt. A lot of little brown and red leaves were floating along in the depth of the streams, but got stranded and started spinning once the plane of water thinned out. Wish there could of been more lightning.


till next time..